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    Fantastic Mr. Fox / Black Skinhead

  2. Tim’s Cajun Kitchen - Huntsville, AL #utbaph

  3. Clouds panorama

  4. Wu-Tang forever.

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    Astronaut Training by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives http://flic.kr/p/bTcwSX

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    Open this link in another tab. Bask in his groundhoggy glory. 

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    Oil Paintings by William Fisk

    I love these pieces, particularly the vintage cameras. Browse more.


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    Martin Luther King, Pete Seeger, Charis Horton, Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy at Highlander Institute in 1957.

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    Ultimate crew.

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  13. Oh, y’all just mean the books are bigger :(

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    69 casket

    It’s a twofer

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